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Wednesday, 6 January, 2010, 10:00 pm
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wine is great, isn’t it? i think so …

this may make me sound like an aspiring alcoholic, but it seemed that over the last two months of 2009 i consumed wine, both in quantity and variety, like our friend Scrambler over at gloaming and dawn consumed movies over the same period of time. a job at whole foods market is partly to blame, both for the income it provided, but also for the 20% employee discount. for a solid month and a half, i came home with a new bottle of wine. sometimes it was an old favorite like Las Rocas Garnacha from Spain, other times it was taking a chance on something new and unknown, sometimes going only on the word of a trusted team member in the specialty department (who have become some of my best friends at whole foods). i never spent over $20 on a bottle.

i hate to make this sound like a goal or resolution for the new year, which is why i won’t throw out a number like 100 Bottles of Wine in 2010! or something similar, but i wanted to catalogue my winetasting exploits and give my opinion of each bottle. i will write about wines that are new to me, and wines that i know i love. i will try to remain under $20 a bottle. with me in my tasting exploits will be the aforementioned Scrambler who, though i haven’t discussed this with him yet, will be riding shotgun and offering some of his own opinions too. we have essentially been doing this with every bottle we’ve consumed, only this time will the opinions be catalogued here.

some bottles we finish in one night, other bottles we finish over two or three days. in the case of the bottles that last more than one night, i will offer opinions on the character of the wine over time.

there is a really sweet website called cellartracker that i discovered in the last year and half or so that allows visitors to check out wine ratings from regular people all across the world. some are amateur aficionados, others are just people like myself. this series of posts will be my cellartracker of sorts.

i leave you with this …


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I can’t wait to be a part of this wonderful goodness. El vino will flow.

Comment by gloaminganddawn

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