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sunday sunrise
Sunday, 4 January, 2009, 2:32 pm
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going to work at 5:30am every morning (m-f) is a terrible thing. i am, by nature, a night owl. my mind is at its most productive and active state in the late evening and early morning hours. since i have had to wake up for work as early as 4:30am for the past year, i have tried to discipline myself with a bedtime. most nights i try to be in bed before 10pm. i am usually prostrate, but wide awake for at least an hour before i actually slip slowly, restlessly into a night’s slumber. the sleep is hardly ever restful or refreshing. it seemed for a while nothing good came from being up so early. however, i have more recently began cataloging, through photography, each day’s sunset. i have not gotten to the point where i shoot every day, but i hope that that day will come. in addition, it should also be noted that i haven’t always had my camera on me, so my cell phone has had to suffice. the photos presented below are all taken with my cell phone and were taken the week of dec. 29-today …

new years eve

new years eve

January 2nd

January 2nd

january 2nd (brightness adjusted)

january 2nd (brightness adjusted)

this morning ...

this morning ...

keep in mind that these have been shot with a cell phone and that to truly capture the beauty of each sunrise, (even the best camera fails) one must take them in with his/her own eyes. i would ask you to wake up for a sunrise and let the first light of day hit your eyes and illumine your soul, just as the light hits the trees. let the beauty speak to you and touch your soul.



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