Scattered toward every wind …

our endless numbered days …
Monday, 8 December, 2008, 8:03 pm
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my mother was in a automobile accident yesterday. she’s fine. some bastard “sneezed” and ran a red light … smacked into right side rear of the car. spun her around onehundredandeighty degrees. the car didn’t fare as well as my mother. a flat tire, a decent sized gash in the back rear quarterpanel … a partially smashed bumper i didn’t find out until i got home from work today. nearly twentyfour hours after the accident occurred.

it is jarring, suddenly realizing the fragility of life. we forget our days are numbered … whether or not he meant it this way, sam beam’s coining of “our endless numbered days” as a lyric and album title, has opened my eyes to how, though our days are numbered, we live as if we are guaranteed tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day. i live in the midst or this terrible dichotomy between what actually is (the fragility of life) and what we all hope for (safety and long, full lives).

i walked out to my car this afternoon after my dad had driven the damaged car home from the mechanic, and sat as my car warmed, staring at the damage the car sustained. i couldn’t help but weep over what easily might have been. i thank God for the grace He’s poured out.

it’s been a heavy afternoon.

while i’m still here, and on a completely different note … if you’re a vocabulary nerd like myself, or really any kind of nerd, and if you want to boost your nerd ego AND fight world hunger, may a direct you to



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So glad she’s ok…it’s a scary thing.

Comment by hereinfranklin

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