Scattered toward every wind …

storms, rainbows, and rosie thomas … her friends, jupiter, venus, and the moon … or the beauty of yesterday

but i only have photographic proof of one of these …

storm's edge

i was trying to finish up “a farewell to arms” before returning it to the library, and actually planned an extended reading session over some christmas blend at my local starbucks, as i had a free drink coupon. my best laid plans, however, were thrown off track by the mesmerizing sky.

i sat outside to enjoy my coffee and book (along with a clove) and began reading. shortly thereafter, a blustery wind kicked up and the sky suddenly was a sweeping swath of gray clouds. big, heavy drops of rain began to fall and i gathered my things and headed inside, but not before stealing the photo from above on my cameraphone. the clouds quickly overcame the sun [as it tried to assert its light and warmth] and dumped a quick downpour across the area … as the clouds exited stage east, leaving mere showers behind, the sun once again broke through the gray and shone brilliantly through. the sky was painted in hues of gray, pink, and yellow and the sun’s light reflected its blinding light off of the wet blacktop of the parking lot. i walked out the door and was greeted with a vividly intense rainbow. being colorblind, rainbows can sometimes be difficult for me to spot, but this particular one … announced its presence quite adamantly. using the very useful ROY G BIV mnemonic device, i deduced that the yellow and green rays of the spectrum were the most prominent, and gradually increased in intensity as they neared the horizon. it was just the beginning of my encounters with beauty …

while at starbucks, after giving up on getting some good reading done, i hopped online and was convinced by a dear friend to see rosie thomas (and her friends) at jammin’ java in vienna, va. the show started at 8pm, so we drove down around 6:45. night had already come, and with it, darkness and his celestial friends. those who happened to notice, were given a glimpse of a bright, crescent moon, jupiter, and a ridiculously bright venus. these celestial bodies were all bunched together for a portion of the night, forming a smile in the sky.

rosie thomas did not disappoint, playing a mix of songs from her new Christmas CD, as well as a good mix of older and newer originals. she is spectacular and has an uncanny ability to command your attention. though her songs can be melancholy and quiet, her voice is one that grabs you and pulls you in. and one would never think that a singing voice so full and dynamic, would come from someone whose speaking voice is so mousy and childlike. in addition her musical talents being on display, rosie cracked jokes the whole night, and just the sound of her giggle would elicit audience smiles and laughter. in short, she is adorable. another thing that sets rosie apart is how real she is. once she develops a rapport with the audience (which happens almost immediately), anything she says is heard … she doesn’t take that for granted, as everything she said, even if it was something silly, held authenticity and hope. this was particularly evident when she would preface a song or two with a story of how the song came to be. she, on more than one occasion, reminded her captivated audience, that, yes, things can be bad, but that there is reason for hope in the midst of the storms. it may sound cheeseball coming from a lot of other artists, but not so with rosie. she was more than just entertaining … she was a source of beauty and means of grace.

maybe your day today has not been a good one … though i would not recommend living in the past, i would implore you to look to the beauty of yesterday. now that you’re a day removed from it, look back on it, and recognize the beauty you may have missed.

[ the yesterday i am referring to in this post was monday, dec. 1 ]



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