Scattered toward every wind …

the dead of winter
Monday, 1 December, 2008, 9:20 pm
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december is upon us, but i cannot say that this writer feels much of a difference from the last days of a month and the first days.

when i left for seattle on nov. 11, the trees here in md were brilliantly colored. the leaves decided to make their last days, their best. i had plans to return from the west coast and photograph various locations catalogued in my mind. i wanted to pull out and dust off my canon slr, which i’ve almost exclusively used to shoot in black and white, and shoot autumn’s dying display in color. two things stopped me from doing so: firstly, the battery in the camera needed to be replaced, and second-of-ly, the leaves could not hold on long enough for me to captured them on film … for when i returned just a week later on the 18th, most of the trees were mere skeletons, stripped of their brightly colored leafy robes. it was quite a let down to say the least, but there is beauty in the dead of winter.
another drawing

/in the winter wood/

/there is no life to be found/

/felled leaves, fallen snow/

just as the trees in maryland were preparing for the change of seasons, out in seattle, i too, was preparing for a possible change. i have been in the process of applying to the art institute of seattle to go back to school to both broaden my horizons and narrow my focus. half way home in the application process, having last week submitted my financial aid information … waiting on the numbers.

thanksgiving proved to be too much at times. family, and then more family as we celebrated an aunt’s 60th birthday on friday. extensions of extended family … our small house proved too small to afford one solitude of any kind, even for five minutes. i survived.


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