Scattered toward every wind …

/the moon is a cold light/ … and some thanksgiving thoughts
Thursday, 27 November, 2008, 1:39 pm
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just a brief little sumthin sumthin for happygivingthanksday …

a photo and a song …


Bon Iver – Blindsided

today my house will be full of family, both immediate and extended. my brother is up from virginia beach. my aunt marty is up from clearwater. my uncle larry and aunt besty are down from martha’s vineyard. i’m pretty certain my seldom-seen cousin aaron, from right in baltimore, will be making an appearance. the house will barely be able to contain all the people and the food, so i am thankful to be at work this morning. thankful to be at work, you say? well, with a crowded home, there will be nowhere to get a moment to myself if needed. call it some form of antisocial behavior (antisocialism?) … call it me being a loner … call it social anxiety disorder … hell, you can even call it dislike of family … there may be a part of each one of these things in me to make me feel this way, but when comes down to it, these moments alone at work will help me defeat these behaviors when i finally get to go home around noontime. by then, i will be ready to be thankful for my family. though the dynamic is always a bit tense when a particular aunt is present, we all love her and her ridiculous foibles … we know that we have our own. when we all sit around the table, we not only extend our hands to embrace when we say grace … we extend grace itself, and set aside our annoyances and embrace the differences … embrace the idiosyncrasies/shortcomings and are thankful that we have people at the end of the day who we can break bread with, without being judged too much … even if we do chew with our mouth open.

may you give thanks to God for the blessings He has poured out …



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