Scattered toward every wind …

a bruised reed He will not break …
Friday, 14 November, 2008, 11:53 pm
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all this talk of green trees drying up and dry trees flourishing … and now bruised reeds not being broken. i’ll make no attempt to hide how i feel in this blog … and lately, i’ve felt fragile.


at times, i’ve felt as though i’ve been close to breaking. until the last couple of days, confusion has reigned in my heart and mind. i’ve been unsure of where it is i want to go, what it is i want to do. admitting these kinds of feelings is not always easy … i think many of us put on a facade of strength; of toughness … of being bigger than we actually are, forgetting the reality of how fragile we can be …

we are dry trees, thirsting for water. we are the low tree, susceptible to dangers the high tree knows not. we are bruised reeds, showing every sign of breaking in the gale … we are smoldering wicks, on the verge of being extinguished … we don’t see ourselves this way … we see ourselves as the high tree, stately and distinguished, standing straight in the strongest gusts … we see ourselves as white hot fire, showing no signs of being snuffed out. i guess until we reach points along the way where our counterfeit strength is peeled back by adversity, we don’t see ourselves as we ought. the pain comes in the peeling back of the counterfeit layers of strength, and freedom is achieved when the last layer is peeled away revealing a vulnerable being. but as freeing as this vulnerability may be, it is scary.

that said, i am scared shitless, but energized. energized and hopeful.

i feel like this post petered out here at the end, but i would implore you to take another look at the drawing above …



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I’m tempted to start using your trees as desktop wallpaper – they’re awesome.

Comment by W

be not tempted, but freely partake

Comment by towardeverywind

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